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Our Reviews | Hoopty – West Coast Funk

Our Reviews

“This album, People Power, is modern funk with a purpose. Hoopty isn’t content to simply parrot the sounds of legends past; they throw down grooves and melodies that are unlike anything you’ve heard before. They aren’t afraid to mix middle eastern tones with wild electronic noises and syncopated funk rhythms, but neither do they throw genres together without any taste. Rather each song makes up its own small world of eclectic sounds and moments that will force you to get up and dance. If you haven’t given Hoopty a listen then buy this album right now and immerse yourself in wildly unique instrumental funk with plenty of twists and turns.” – Andrew Marsh

“Sounds like a record that Frank Zappa (Hot Rats era) would compose and produce w/ members of P-Funk and Average White Band!” – Poncho, Mojo Hannah

“Hoopty was amazing last night at Henflings! If you haven’t been to a show you should absolutely make it out to one and make sure you bring your dancing shoes. Their Music is so upbeat and Funky that it’s impossible not to have a really good time. If you don’t have a copy of PEOPLE POWER yet, I would highly suggest getting one. It’s my new non pharmaceutical anti depressant that works every time! Thank you to the crew for doing what you do!” – Glenn Brown

“I cannot stop listening to your cd! It is on repeat in my car and I love cranking it up and getting my funk on. The really cool part about it is when I am at a stop light, some people waiting for the light to change will start bobbin’ their heads to the music and get their funk on and breaking out a smile. Sometimes people will shout, “Who is this?” As the light changes and I’m accelerating I’ll yell out my window, “Hoopty!” – Ronald Anthony Adan

“WISE ASS, like the rest of your tracks, cuts cleanly and crisply through the genre clutter with a groove that slices directly to the heart with honest power. Like a sharp needle, it sinks the hook deep making it impossible to ignore. This is music with teeth, heart, soul and big brass balls.” – David Namerow

“Fantastic sounds here; we’re interested in getting your sound on our indie soulful radio show, MODERN SOUL SAUCE in the coming months!” – TIMKAT Entertainment LLC

“Super funky, gonna get me more of that, funky groovin songs.EXCELLENT Gentilemen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Didorion

“This old folkie is diggin’ your songs and style. Way to lay down the funk.” – Cap Wilhelm-Safian